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Color Me In

(Inspired by this post at TinkerLab.) Materials: Roll of paper wide enough to fit a kid on (I got ours at Staples); Sharpie for tracing; crayons, colored pencils, paint, or whatever for adding color A few weeks ago, while the … Continue reading

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Artist Notebooks

An artist needs a notebook, right? A place to record ideas and inspirations, or a place to doodle. I have notebooks everywhere, but mine are usually full of lists: items I want to knit or sew; the week’s meal plan … Continue reading

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Sponge Painting

My boys are still in school (today is the last day before break! I’m so excited they’ll be home!), so it was just my daughter and myself in the studio today. Materials: Paper, sponge, and paint. Couldn’t be easier! We … Continue reading

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Holly Jolly*

Our studio table is currently a bit full of holiday-related projects, a bit more on the craft side of things. I’ve got a wooden snowman ornament I picked up on a whim, to paint for my two-year-old, who seems to … Continue reading

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Tissue Paper Painting

We’ve had some challenges getting into the studio lately (husband travel, stomach bugs), but we finally managed to try something I’ve been looking forward to: painting tissue paper using Eric Carle’s method. (That link will take you to a slide … Continue reading

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Open-Environment Play

(If my goal is to support my children’s creativity–and that is most definitely my goal–then this takes place not just in the art studio but in all we do. So occasionally I’ll post some other examples of creativity. These will … Continue reading

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The Kids Are in Charge

One of the many reasons I love finally having a dedicated studio space is because when my two-year-old comes to me and says, “Paint!” it is easy enough to meet her request right away. And since his sister brought up … Continue reading

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Classic Childhood Play

My six-year-old is home from school today on what I call a “buffer” day–getting over being sick, but not lie-on-the-couch sick. So I decided to make some homemade play dough. But because I have celiac, our homemade play dough is … Continue reading

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Basics: Our Studio

Don’t you love getting a peek into other folks’ creative spaces? I do. There are so many ways to solve the problem of how to create an art space in your home. We’ve only had a dedicated art/craft area for … Continue reading

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