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Field Trip: Newport Art Museum

Recently, two exhibits opened at the Newport Art Museum that I really wanted to see, so on a cold Sunday afternoon, we went to visit. It being a weekend, my husband could come along with us, which certainly helps in … Continue reading

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Tape Drawing

Materials: Paper, colored tape G has been enjoying her tape so much (and so often!), but she was willing to share it. So on a recent snow day I asked the boys if they’d like to do some tape drawings. … Continue reading

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Squirty Paint!

G has painted snow a few more times, and since she enjoys squeezing those bottles so much I asked if she’d like to squirt some paint inside, too. Oh yes, she definitely wanted to! Materials: Squirt bottles, tempera paint (it’s … Continue reading

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Storing Artwork

My sister asked me this week, “What do you do with all the artwork? Because you do a lot more than we do, and I already don’t know what to do with it all.” Fair question, and one I don’t … Continue reading

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Scribble Resist

Materials: Oil pastels (we really like Crayola), although regular wax crayons should also work; liquid watercolors; paper (we started with Artagain, but watercolor paper worked a little better) When is the last time you scribbled? (Adults, I’m talking to you … Continue reading

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Paint Prints

(Inspired by this post at Littlest Birds Studio.) Materials: Acrylic box (the kind you get with a box frame), tempera paint, cotton swab (or something else that will make marks in the paint–I bet older kids could come up with … Continue reading

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Shadow Drawings

(Inspired by my first assignment in intro to design in college.) Materials: Paper, pencil, objects that your kids think might cast interesting shadows, desk lamp The idea here is to use objects to cast a shadow onĀ  your paper, then … Continue reading

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Paint Snow

Thoroughly uninterested in her brothers’ snowball fight, yesterday my toddler requested to “paint snow.” She knows a canvas when she sees one. Materials: Water, food coloring, squirt bottles–and, of course, snow, which Mother Nature provided in, er, excess (if you … Continue reading

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Wood + Glue + Paper + Wire

(Partially inspired by this post at Acorn Pies.) Materials: Wooden shapes (found at the craft store), Tacky Glue (for the wood), paper scraps, wire, Mod Podge (for the paper scraps), acrylic paint (turns out we needed some of that, too!) … Continue reading

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New Additions to the Studio

Just one major one, really: a chalkboard. Eventually that wall is going to be orange, like the rest of the walls, and there will be a full frame around the blackboard, and it and the ledge at the bottom will … Continue reading

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