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Field Trip: Metamorphosis

I decided the flu and the lingering coughs had taken too much of a toll on us all for us to travel to see Mo Willems at the Carle Museum last weekend. Instead, we stayed a bit closer to home … Continue reading

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Hurrah For Poetry!

I’m over at Kidoinfo today, waxing, well, poetic about National Poetry Month. Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Go share!

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Toddler Mixed Media

Materials: Paper, chosen by G; paints, type and colors chosen by G; oil pastels, requested by G You  may be getting the idea that this activity was completely toddler run… as I mentioned in the last post, I think our … Continue reading

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Vegetable Netting Painting

Well, that was an unplanned blog hiatus! G and I did this right before the flu took me under… (Inspired by “Impressive Burlap” in MaryAnn Kohl’s First Art.) Materials: Watercolor paper, tempera paint, vegetable netting (I used the top from … Continue reading

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Labeling the Studio

(Inspired by the project “Water-Slide Decal Jars” in Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt.) Materials: Photocopy of your child’s art and a copy of the book. I can’t find instructions online (although she blogs here and might include it as a … Continue reading

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Last year we didn’t color Easter eggs, because we’d discovered the previous fall that G was allergic to eggs, and I didn’t want to risk her getting sick OR have her feel left out. Easter sort of snuck up on … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Caterpillar

I’m in the “another” portion of “one sick child after another,” so there hasn’t been much going on in the studio lately. But besides being the first day of Spring, Sunday is also the Third Annual Very Hungry Caterpillar Day, … Continue reading

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In Progress

We are working on our Collaboration entries! V had a plan, requested I pick up some specific acrylic colors we didn’t have, made a sketch, and got to work. N wanted to combine oil pastel and tape resist with watercolors. … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Creativity

Shall I call them RACs? Aren’t they fun? One morning last weekend, N came upstairs for breakfast holding a Lego creation in his hand. Inspired by something in his Lego Club, Jr. magazine, he’d decided to create an animal out … Continue reading

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What if Culture Stopped?

From On Thursday, March 10th, 2011, Culture Stops! will ask you to imagine a world where writers put down their pens and artists put down their paints. Where architects stop designing our cities and poets, dancers and sculptors stop … Continue reading

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