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Iris Study

Materials: Flowers in bloom (yay, spring!); clipboards; decent-weight drawing paper (I’ve been really happy with this in the 160gsm weight); media of your choice–we used, amongst us, sketching pencils, colored pencils, chalk pastels, and gouache These beauties are in bloom … Continue reading

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Traveling Art Box

Quite a few items live in my car during the summer–beach toys, picnic blanket, long-sleeved shirts (just in case), wet wipes–and at some point during the busy week that just passed I realized we need some art supplies in the … Continue reading

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Random Monday

We had a really busy weekend, so here’s a few random things for a Monday morning. 1. I’m hosting a giveaway on my craft blog. Head on over there for a chance to win this pretty little handmade book. 2. … Continue reading

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Squeeze Bottle Paint

Materials: Squeeze bottles, salt, water, flour (we used rice flour because I have celiac; it worked fine), food coloring, card stock Not too long ago, G fingerpainted with some Crayola fingerpaint in tubes, but what she seemed to like most … Continue reading

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If You Give a Girl a Spray Bottle

Materials: Spray bottle filled with colored water (I used watered-down liquid watercolor); sense of humor If you give a girl a spray bottle… …she’s going to have a hard time staying on the paper. It’s just so irresistible. So you … Continue reading

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Printmaking With Hot Glue

Materials: Hot glue gun, acetate (we used this), paper, blockprinting ink, brayer, some sort of palette Last week, we used Scratch-foam to make prints. The lines we carved into the foam stayed white, while everything else was inked. This week, … Continue reading

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Printmaking With Scratch-foam

Materials: Scratch-foam, water-soluble block printing inks, brayers, paper, palette of some sort (we used wax paper because I couldn’t find freezer paper, and the acrylic portion of a box frame); items to scratch into the board with I recently took … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

At the end of a trying day not too long ago, I sighed and said to my oldest, “You’re going to grow up and talk to your friends about your childhood and say, ‘You mean your mother didn’t yell?’” He … Continue reading

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Cardboard Box Challenge

Rachelle at TinkerLab invited us to join her one-year blog party by participating in her cardboard box challenge. What could my kids do with a cardboard box? I asked the boys if they’d like to participate, and I’m glad they … Continue reading

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Messy Hands

Over the weekend, while the kids worked on their projects for the blog party of sorts that Tinkerlab is hosting on Friday, G asked for a sponge to use with her paint. Not long after that, I noticed she was … Continue reading

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