Messy Hands

Over the weekend, while the kids worked on their projects for the blog party of sorts that Tinkerlab is hosting on Friday, G asked for a sponge to use with her paint. Not long after that, I noticed she was making sponge prints on the art table, so I asked if she’d like a piece of paper.

My main job in the studio is Facilitator. What do the kids need from me to help them fulfill their vision, or explore their idea? G needed some paper.

What fun, making all those sponge prints! And such a difference from the first time I gave her a sponge to use with paint, when she used the sponge similarly to a paintbrush. Now, four months later, she’s clearly using it to make prints.

By the end of her painting/printing session, her hands looked like this.

I love seeing a kid get into her work. Hands are washable!


The big Tinkerlab reveal takes place Friday, when I get to show you how all of my kids fulfilled the challenge she set out. And my latest post is up at Kidoinfo, in which G’s hands get messy for the sake of product, not process, but all in the name of Mother’s Day. (She took control anyway; no worries!)

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One Response to Messy Hands

  1. Bells says:

    yes i see from your photos now, no art smocks! Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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