Painted Collages (TinkerLab Magazine Challenge)

Tinkerlab Creative ChallengeMaterials: Illustration board, old magazines, glue or paste, scissors (of course!), acrylic paint–the kind in tubes, not the liquid kind.

Once again, Rachelle at TinkerLab invited us to participate in a materials challenge, this time using magazines. So I brought it up with the kids, who are now 10, 7 1/2, and 3. Did they want to do something? Sure! So we brainstormed. Although there is a lot of making going on in our house, especially as Christmas approaches, my kids didn’t look at the magazines as raw material for some thing. I suspect this is because when we get together to do art projects, we are usually focusing on exploring and experimenting. It’s very much about the process.

So although my kids have used paper to make all sorts of items, from super hero rings to dice for homemade games (and since I always have to think really hard about making a cube out of something flat, this impresses me every time!), they viewed the magazine as canvas. The ideas they finally settled on, which we combined, were cutting and pasting the magazine, and painting right on the page.

We started, of course, by selecting and cutting. G’s cutting skills have really taken off lately, because she’s been happily working at cutting paper just about every day (her idea). As a result, she didn’t need my help at all while everyone was cutting. After gluing down the images and letting them dry, we moved onto painting.

Note the mug of coffee to the right; mama runs on caffeine!

V decided he wanted to paint his board first and then paste his images down, so he’s using tempera here.

The rest of us are using acrylic after having glued down the images and then brushing a layer of glue over the image, as well. We used Mod Podge paper with mixed results; I was hoping to get a good surface for applying paint, but I don’t know if we wouldn’t have been better off just using a glue stick.

N and I enjoyed mixing the acrylics (the basic set of primaries with black and white) to get new colors, and we used a variety of brush sizes. He’s getting detailed in that photo.

G decided to paste down one full magazine page, with one tiny image glued down on top of it. Then she began painting.

Eventually she covered the entire image. Then she lifted some off using a cotton swab.

Here are N and G’s finished pieces (whoops, I photographed G’s upside down):

And here is V’s, although the images and text aren’t pasted down yet. He also has plans to paint the other side and glue down even more images. I guess I should have left one piece of illustration board full size!

He really likes Legos!

Thanks again, Rachelle, for inviting us to play along. Here is the full list of participating bloggers; click on the links for some more projects featuring magazines!

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15 Responses to Painted Collages (TinkerLab Magazine Challenge)

  1. What a lovley set of collages. Love the “mix media” element of your work!

  2. michelle says:

    I love using old magazines! Have you seen the magazine snowflakes (on pinterest)? They look so pretty. We’re collage fanatics, and we’re definitely going to have to add some paint to our next collage session. Thanks for sharing!

    • amy says:

      Yes! I repinned your pin.😉 Making snowflakes is our Advent calendar activity tomorrow (I have to peek every night) so I’m going to have some magazine pages out along with the coffee filters and regular paper.

  3. Very fun way to explore magazines. I was wanting to do that myself and we may do it soon.

  4. michelle says:

    great job using different types of materials!!

  5. very cool process-oriented creative fun!!!

    • amy says:

      I wonder if it’s the way I phrase things with them–I’m trying to remember, did I ask what they wanted to do with the magazines rather than what to make? I wonder if I’d asked “What can we make with the magazines?” if they’d have thought more of product than process? Looking at the variety of creations with this challenge has me curious–it’s a fairly even mix.

  6. Cool idea! Love the idea of incorporating magazines and painting! This could be used with all age levels: College, High School, and even adults! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. I love your approach and the mixed media results are all so unique. It certainly reinforces how important the process of art making is to children of all ages.

  8. LOVE this idea. Such a beautiful process-oriented activity. I had thought about it doing it – for my daughter and me, too. We are big fans of collage making. Now seeing it here, I’m doing this soon!

  9. It’s always so fun for me to look into your studio and see how you set up shop with three children. The way you invited them to determine the outcome is exciting, since you never know where it’ll lead. And you can really see all the personalities and developmental stages coming through their art. Lovely! Thanks for being part of this challenge!

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