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Field Trip: MFA Boston

This post is not really about what we did at the MFA Boston. It’s more about how we ended up there. You see, in project-based learning, the child is leading the way. The adult is mentoring. My job is to … Continue reading

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The Truth of the Matter

The truth of the matter is that so much good is going on around here, not just with project-based learning but with karate, our co-op, and homeschooling in general, but I can’t get out from under myself to post about … Continue reading

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{PBL} This is Serious Play

Last week, I received a strong signal that we are on the right track with project-based learning. My kids transformed the living room into an Egyptian tomb, using their imaginations and materials at hand, and then spent a goodly amount … Continue reading

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Beginnings: Project-Based Learning

In her book, Lori says that preschool age is the ideal time to introduce project-based learning. This might seem counterintuitive–aren’t older kids more capable of more extensive work?–but so far, the experience in my house is falling right in line … Continue reading

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Getting Ready: Local Habitats Class

In the spring, when our co-op was figuring out the fall schedule of classes, the organizer mentioned to me that they could use something else for the 5-8 year olds. Hmm, I said. I could do…how about something on local … Continue reading

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Sticky Notes and Washi-Style Tape

I will, at some point, get myself together enough to write about our typical day, but at the moment, my body is protesting the dual demands of getting one child up and off to school and then homeschooling the other … Continue reading

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Easing In

It’s hard to set a start point for homeschooling, because the way I view it, we have a certain family culture that encourages curiosity, exploration, independent play, projects…all the things that could also fall under the heading of “homeschooling.” I … Continue reading

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