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Math, Gently

After three years of school, my eight-year-old believed he hated math. I didn’t send him to school thinking that, so yes, I consider this a failure on School’s part. I myself am quite comfortable with math; I got all the … Continue reading

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O’Keeffe Leaves

(Inspired by “Gorgeous Gigantic Flowers” in What’s the Big Idea? by Joyce Raimondo.) Materials: Watercolor paper (or other paper that can handle paint); paint (we used tempera cakes); pencil; permanent marker (we used Sharpies); leaves for looking at It’s been … Continue reading

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Project Shelf

Inspired by Kate at An Everyday Story, I cleaned off an existing shelf in the living room in order to display some project creations. I already talked about G’s map of Egypt and N’s cartouche and cat statuette, in the … Continue reading

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{PBH} Identifying Interests

My daughter was very direct in saying she wanted to learn about mummies (and I do have more to show you on that project), but I’d observed her interest in maps and, in fact, jotted that down as a possible … Continue reading

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Running Running Running

My husband’s been away most of the week. I’ve had the typical dose of solo parenting challenges (and a nasty head cold). He’ll be back later tonight. This afternoon, we went to the beach for a bit of autumn sunshine. … Continue reading

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{PBL} Claywork in the Egypt Project

I hope I can do this morning’s project time justice in this post. Way back when at the start of this project, my eight-year-old, who internalized a different meaning of “project” from school, decided he’d make a pyramid. I worried … Continue reading

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