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Traveling Art Box

Quite a few items live in my car during the summer–beach toys, picnic blanket, long-sleeved shirts (just in case), wet wipes–and at some point during the busy week that just passed I realized we need some art supplies in the … Continue reading

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Labeling the Studio

(Inspired by the project “Water-Slide Decal Jars” in Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt.) Materials: Photocopy of your child’s art and a copy of the book. I can’t find instructions online (although she blogs here and might include it as a … Continue reading

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Basics: Supplies: Drawing

What drawing materials do we generally have on hand? Here’s a list. Anything to add? Leave a comment! Crayons: While beeswax crayons are great, especially for smaller hands (we have both sticks and blocks), there‚Äôs nothing wrong with a box … Continue reading

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Storing Artwork

My sister asked me this week, “What do you do with all the artwork? Because you do a lot more than we do, and I already don’t know what to do with it all.” Fair question, and one I don’t … Continue reading

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New Additions to the Studio

Just one major one, really: a chalkboard. Eventually that wall is going to be orange, like the rest of the walls, and there will be a full frame around the blackboard, and it and the ledge at the bottom will … Continue reading

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Basics: Our Studio

Don’t you love getting a peek into other folks’ creative spaces? I do. There are so many ways to solve the problem of how to create an art space in your home. We’ve only had a dedicated art/craft area for … Continue reading

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Basics: Supplies: Paper

Just about any book on making art with children (or adults!) is going to include a supply list, and there are posts about this throughout the web as well (such as here and here). It really boils down to personal … Continue reading

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