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Weaving Process For a Preschooler

That cold-and-cough virus has been running through my kids for more than a week now, and G is the last to get it. When the kids are sick, the TV tends to be on more than normal (normal = hardly … Continue reading

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Stamp Making for Younger Kids

In the last post, I showed how my older kids turned a sketch into a rubber stamp. While they were making their stamps, my three-year-old, naturally, wanted to make a stamp, too. Rather than turn a drawing of hers into … Continue reading

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Carving Stamps

Note: This is suitable for elementary students & older. In the next post I’ll show how I modified things so my three-year-old could make a stamp, too. Materials: Speedball Speedy Carve block (cut into smaller pieces); set of linoleum cutting … Continue reading

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Tin Lanterns (Two Ways)

We made these lanterns to celebrate winter solstice, but they’ll be welcome all through winter. We made one version appropriate for older kids, and one better suited to younger kids. Tin Can Lanterns Materials: Clean tin can (I used 28-oz … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Proper Tools (II)

My first post on this topic discusses my then-two-year-old daughter’s desire to cut fabric, and my search for proper fabric scissors that would be safe in her hands. (I’ve since shown her the business end of a pin and how … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Proper Tools

I’ve always believed that kids deserve as good-quality art supplies as we can manage. This doesn’t mean the most expensive, but the tools and supplies we provide for our kids shouldn’t lead to frustration. The pencils and crayons should draw … Continue reading

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Punching Tin

Materials: Scrap wood, flashing, hammer, nail or awl This is sort of a cheat, because I didn’t have to do anything for this except take my kids to opening weekend at a nearby historical homesite. The festivities included an encampment … Continue reading

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Free-Range Creativity

It’s school vacation week. The weather is meh. I’m not sure my toddler slept at all on Monday night. As a result, I wasn’t up to even getting out of the house yesterday. Before much of the morning had progressed, … Continue reading

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